Welcome to the Federal Signal Configurator

Step 1: To begin configuring your lightbar, from the column on the left, specify lightbar length, dome colors, mount type, vehicle type, and control. Next, click on each position in the diagram above to select the lightbar options.

As you fill in the lightbar, the system will calculate the list price (in US dollars) for your particular configuration. If you want to modify a position, simply click on the location again and re-select the option.

Step 2: Once you've completed your lightbar, you can select to print, save, or email the configuration as a .pdf file. See the selections below.

If you have any questions, please contact Customer Support for assistance.

Customer Support (Law Enforcement and Fire/EMS markets)
Tel.: (800) 264-3578 / (708) 534-3400
Fax: (800) 682-8022 / (708) 534-4869
e-mail: policefireorders@fedsig.com

Customer Support (Amber markets)
Tel.: (800) 824-0254
Fax: (800) 787-6237
e-mail: amberorders@fedsig.com